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First 100 Days of President Trump. Good? Bad? Beginning of the Apocalypse?

Saturday April 29th marked the end of President Trump’s first 100 days in office. The first 100 days in office holds no real significance and is just a media driven tradition carried over from the days of President F.D. Roosevelt. The media uses this ubiquitous time stamp to measure the potential effectiveness of a first term president. There is no real value or relevance in judging a president by accomplishments in the first 100 days. Plenty of presidents, such as F.D.R “and his New Deal”, ended up hurting the country more than helping it when rushing to enact new programs or legislation in the first three months while the country is still high from campaign rhetoric.

Military leaders are taught to use the exact opposite of the presidential “first 100 days” technique when taking on a new leadership position. In the military an effect leadership technique is to observe and evaluate the environment before making any major changes in how the organization operates. By doing this military leaders can decide what policies work, which need changes, and which should be eliminated all together. The last thing a new leader wants to do is go into a new situation guns blazing, telling everyone how things are going to change and change fast.

In general and especially in large groups of people change is feared. People get comfortable with the system they know even if it is not particularly beneficial for them. In the case of bad situations, such as the government’s constant meddling in domestic as well as international civil issues, there is a Stockholm syndrome effect. Citizen get used to living under the thumb of government and become afraid of what real freedom would mean for them. It is this fear of the unknown that keeps the population voting for politicians that look and sound the same.

The election of Donald Trump was a fist to the face of the typical presidential election. The fact that President Trump has not accomplished much in his first 100 days is a good thing for those wishing to keep Washington DC the same useless waste of tax payer money that it has been since the early 1900s. If President Trump was actually following through on his campaign promises the big-government bureaucrats, socialists, and left-wing-liberals would have a real fight on their hands. Nothing good will come out of President Trump rolling over and becoming a lame duck president either. This will only reinforce the status quo in Washington and allow another weak-party President to get elected in 2020.

What we need is a Donald Trump that drains the swamp like he promised during his campaign, proving that our economy can be resuscitated slowly and without too much pain. The other option is a Donald Trump who inflates the current bad policies and speeds up the collapse of the economy. The second option would be a quick ripping off of a century worth of Band-aids that have been keeping our wounded economy alive. The shock to our system would be enormous and the America we know would not be the America that comes out the other side. The America that comes out of a complete economic meltdown would be something new and different.

Hopefully the system that comes out the other side is something more in line with what the founders of the United States envisioned. A rebirth of life and liberty where pursuits of happiness are protected once again from bureaucratic largess and legislative robberies of freedom. A nation who’s small government is there solely to ensure that the people remain free of all tyranny foreign or domestic. That would be the ideal outcome to a total collapse of our economy, however; there is another side to the coin of revolution.

The opposite outcome would be one in which all of our freedom is taken away and we become subjects of the state. In this future the 50 states no longer exists and the federal government is replaced by a totalitarian regime. All labor would exist to serve the whims of the government leaders and wealth would be distributed based on ones political or social position not on talent or effort. Pockets of resistance among the poor will exist and insurgent attacks on the government will be a regular occurrence. Some freedom loving few in our society might just leave America all together and start a new life somewhere else.

I have read that many wealthy people are buying property in New Zealand so maybe the process of departure is already in motion. Understanding risk and reward and the ability to identify trends in advance are traits of successful people. Perhaps the mega-rich understand that there is a possibility of the economy collapsing. They also understand that if a collapse happens a bad outcome is just as likely as a good outcome and are preparing for the worst while hoping for the best.

Where do you stand? Will you be one who stays and fights or one who leaves to start a new life somewhere else? Hopefully, if you are reading this, you are not a person who kneels to the empire, holds hands out for the manacles, and open mouth for the government gruel like an obedient subject should.

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