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This website was created in November 2012 as Dog Tag Diary. The original vision was a place for military veterans to share their story and provide advice to their fellow veterans and families of those who serve. After retiring from the military in 2014 the site creator gained an interest in economics and politics and the original vision began to morph into something new. In order to freshen up the look of the site and the hopefully reach a broader audience Dog Tag Diary was re-branded as Veteran’s Angle. Most of the original content remains available on the current site so if you want to journey back and see previous posts just select “Go Back in Time” at the bottom of the main page.

Going Forward:

Freedom, Liberty, and Happiness. Veteran’s Angle focuses on many topics including politics, economics, government, and military veteran issues. The aim is to filter the subject matter through a veteran perspective. Not all posts will be specific to veterans or the military. Hopefully readers will find the content interesting, thought simulating, and informative. This site will tend to lean in a libertarian direction on most subjects as it is the author’s opinion that freedom and liberty are paramount to finding happiness in life.