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Breaking News: He’s Actually a Covert Russian Operative! – Someone wake Ms. Maddow, she’s on in five.

Russia, our World War II ally and Cold War nemesis is all over the news these days. Apparently covert Russian hackers working in collusion with Vladimir Putin are to blame for for the out come of one of the most pitiful elections in United States History. According to some main stream media outlets, the Russian government was responsible for manipulating the opinions of Americans through an elaborate information releasing campaign aimed at discrediting Donald Trump’s opponent Hillary Clinton.

If this is true then the Russian government is responsible for swaying the United States to choose one of the two worst presidential candidates ever. No matter who won the 2016 election the United States citizen was the real loser. So, why is this news worthy? Why do we care who the Russian government was rooting for in 2016? Why do we once again view Russia through a Cold War lens?

First of all for Americans to say that it was wrong for Russia to try and sway public opinion in a U.S election is utterly hypocritical. If it is even true, Russia using modern social engineering techniques to manipulate U.S voters is a taste of our own medicine. The United States government is historically one of the biggest political manipulators in the world. If our government is the model for modern democracy, then Russia is just copying us. In 1820, Charles Caleb Colton claimed “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”. These U.S politicians, that are busy crying foul play, should thank Mr. Putin for the compliment.

In the late 1990s, ironically, Bill Clinton worked very closely with the Russian government during the Kosovo Conflict. In 1999 the United States military worked along side the Russian military helping the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) (an Osama Bin Laden / Zawahiri allied terrorist organization) complete their war for succession from the Yugoslavian Republic. Our collusion with the Russians in this act of geopolitical intervention shows that the U.S government and Russia have a history of working together in this way.

If We discover that President Trump had a relationship with the Russian government it would be nothing new for U.S politics. Since Russia and the U.S are both involved in the Syrian civil war, why would a presidential candidate not get close to the Russian establishment? The correct answer to that question is, the U.S should not be involved in the Syrian civil war at all and that free trade is the only reason to have a relationship with Russia.

How come United States politicians and their puppet media need an evil foreign enemy to point fingers at? Are we, the people of the United States, so tractable that our vote is swayed by a few really lame leaked emails? If the Russian government did anything dealing with Clinton or Trump it was exposing a few internal emails that are , in the history of U.S political scandal, quite tame. There were no truly shocking revelations from the leaked emails. Considering the current D.C swamp full of lame duck, self-centered, greedy, useless, politicians, the average U.S voter would probably be surprised if they discovered a campaign staff full of upstanding, moral, patriots.

Russia is not the problem here people! U.S politics and the federal government is the problem. If there was no two-party system to manipulate then perhaps we would have better candidates running for president. Instead we got to choose from a narsissitic, so called “businessman” (Trump Industries hasn’t collapsed since Donald left) and a person who’s only goal in life is attaining more political power and getting into the history books as the first woman something.

Russia, Clinton, and Trump are all guilty of the same thing. They are guilty of thinking that the President of the United States is the leader of a country. The president is only the leader of one of the three branches of the federal government. The federal government as a whole doesn’t even rule over the United States. The states of the union are all self-governed. This is why marijuana is legal in for recreational use in 8 states while remaining a controlled substance in the other 42 states. The federal government has no jurisdiction over the states and only holds the authority delegated by the states which they may withdraw at any time. The States can totally dissolve the federal government if they decide it is no longer needed.

If you worry that the Russians elected Donald Trump to destroy the United States, then you might be watching too much Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. Don’t worry Trump doesn’t change anything and neither would Hillary had she won. The only way to change anything for the better is to get rid of the political status quo. We need a smaller, more efficient, and less expensive federal government that is back under the control of responsible state governments. We need to reign in our public servants and stop thinking of them as a superior class of people. They are just the people we hired to take care of paperwork for us, just like the person that helps you with your labels at the post office.

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