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First I want to welcome you to Dog Tag Diary a place that I hope will become a source of collective knowledge, entertainment, comfort, and tribute to our military veterans, active duty service members, families, and friends. This is my very first attempt at hosting a blog so if things get rough or my response is slow please bear with this newbie. I am also deploying soon so expect new and exciting posts from me in the future. My goal with this blog is to create a forum where professional military people, their families, and friends can come together and share their collective experiences in the military and life in general. Some suggested topics for discussion are:

  • Coping with Deployments
  • PTSD
  • MEB
  • Medical Issues
  • Military Career Advice
  • The Military Family
  • Transitioning to Civilian Life
  • Retirement Advice
  • Military Training
  • Deployment and other Military Related Stories

Eventually I want to publish an online magazine and invite DogTagDiary’s top contributors to join me in that venture.

Please be courteous and show all of our members and visitors the respect that they deserve.

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