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I usually write about things directly related to veterans and the military but I read something so disturbing this morning that it caused me to feel appalled and disappointment at the same time. Many people are upset that the presidential candidate they voted for did not win the majority of the electorate. Given the events of the past 8 years I am not surprised that they are rioting, hurting other people, destroying their communities, and denouncing our constitutional doctrine for electing presidents. Not everyone gets a participation trophy in the real world so get over it people, however, this news is not what motivated me to write this.

What I read today was a article involving Robert De Niro, whom I have admired since I first saw him in Taxi Driver. In the story Robert De Niro was quoted as saying “I feel like I did after 9/11” when questioned about Donald Trump winning the election. Those words were spoken by an ACTOR that owes his entire lifestyle to his adoring fans, some of which voted for President-elect Trump.

Of all the things he could have said to describe his emotion, he directly compared the constitutional election of a United States President to an act of terrorism that killed thousands of Americans during a few of the darkest hours in our nation’s history. An event that also resulted in a war in which we lost thousands more of our country’s finest men and women in uniform and hundreds of thousands of people in the middle east. This comparison to me is absolutely disgusting but as an American Mr. De Niro has the freedom to say it.

What I don’t understand is why he would say this to the media. You are a movie star Mr. De Niro and you have money but that does not mean your opinion on politics matters any more than the one vote you were allowed to cast in the election. To all the celebrities out there, why would you want to turn away half of your fans by publicly denouncing the outcome of a federal election? You speak with your vote! That is the point of holding an election. You are not obligated to make campaign commercials or discuss your selection for president just because you are famous.

The fact that a person running for office needs celebrities to publicly endorse them makes me wonder if those actors are simply being paid to act like they care. How many of these famous celebrities said they would turn their backs on their country just because their candidate was not elected? These are the statements of cowards who run crying when they don’t get what they want. So to all you famous people using your social status for publicly denouncing our constitutional election process simply because your candidate was not elected, good luck to you with your career, you are #NotMyCelebrity any more.

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