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Operation Restore Hope: The Forgotten Missions – Introduction

            Special Forces, 10th Mountain Division, United Nations, CIA, Osama Bin Laden, and Army Rangers all have something in common with the year 1993. Simply combine any of these names with Somalia and 1993 and you will get a plethora of links to news articles, books, movies, and military unit histories. Now Google 7/227+Somalia+1993 and you should get reference to a book called Ruck It Up! The Post-Cold War Transformation of V Corps, 1990-2001. I imagine this book is a real thriller and I should probably read it before writing this article but it will have to go on my to-read list for now.  Figure 1.1 shows acknowledgment of A Company 7/227 in Operation Restore Hope and, after looking at the pages Google offered as a preview, I saw it briefly discusses some of their actions in Somalia as well.

Figure 1.1 – Excerpt from Ruck It Up! The Post-Cold War Transformation of V Corps, 1990-2001. (Kirkpatrick, C. E., 2006)

            Being mostly left out of history does not bother me since not many of us normal folks get into the history books anyway, nor do we expect to. Not many people even remembered the U.S. involvement in Somalia until the movie Blackhawk Down came out in 2002. What does bother me is the complete lack of acknowledgment of the good things that my unit, along with many others, accomplished during our three and a half month African adventure. All of our humanitarian and disarming efforts got overshadowed by the disasters of one mission in Mogadishu on October 3rd, 1993. Twenty years ago this month four of my co-workers and I got the news that we might be deploying with 7/227th and that orders were in the works at 1st Armored Division Headquarters. We were in the Blackhawk maintenance squad of the 9/227 Aviation Support Battalion at Hanau Army Air Field in Germany. My co-workers at that time were Sergeant Mike Mitchner, Specialist Christobal Lamboy-Medina, Specialist Ronald King, and Specialist Jeffrey Hall. Back then I was Specialist William Buglehall and “Blackhawk Down” was NOT my Somalia.  I plan to post a series of stories describing my experiences in Somalia. Hopefully you, my readers, are entertained and perhaps even gain a new perspective on what the U.S. military achieved in Somalia from December 1992 to March 1993.


Kirkpatrick, C. E., (2006) Ruck It Up! The Post-Cold War Transformation of V Corps, 1990-2001. Government Printing Office

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