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Military “Odd Jobs”: That’s not what I signed up for!

military jobs
Everyone has a job to do in the military. The military calls these jobs we are hired to do an MOS or Military Occupational Skill. Most people look through a list of MOS jobs at the recruiter’s office and pick one that seems interesting to them. After enlisting, everyone has to go through some kind of basic training and once that is complete they attend MOS training. It is assumed that the job we sign up for is the only job we will be asked to do; fortunately this is not always true. Doing the same job day in and day out for years on end can become redundant and this will be your life if you choose, however; the military sometimes throws us a curve ball.

Military Retirement: G.I. Jobs

military retirementAs some of you might know I am getting ready for military retirement. I frequent the Army Career and Alumni Program quite often and there is one thing that I always make sure to pick up. The G.I. Jobs magazine is a great read for anyone who is preparing to transition from the military to the civilian work force. G.I. Jobs is a major source of information and also a major source of inspiration. If there is one point of major importance in preparing to separate from the military it is confidence. Being confident can make or break you in the world of interviewing for a job (or so I am told). The civilian jobs I have interviewed for in my life were not very high in the qualification requirements area. Currently I am working on 20+ years of experience in the aviation industry with over 10 of those years in a mid level management roll.