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Veteran’s Angle is now Live on Facebook

Just a quick update of the internal goings-on of Veteran’s Angle. I finally gave in to the social media phenomenon and set up a Facebook page just for the VA website. Starting today, with this post, VA should feed directly to Facebook page of the same name.

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I know I am a late adopter of technology, I always have been. Not having a Facebook page is a badge of rebellious honor for me, however; I understand that social media is a great way to increase readership on blogs.

I look forward to attracting a larger audience to Veteran’s Angle through this interface. Using Facebook’s free infrastructure to spread the ideas of Freedom, Liberty, and Happiness to a larger audience seems like a no-brainer. To me that is the highest and best use for social media.

Another good use for social media is linking to other Libertarian type blogs and podcasts and more. I believe that most military veterans are liberty minded and value the principles of non-intervention and limited government. If they aren’t then they should consider the consequences of big government policy.

When the government invests our capital in playing world police, it is the average man or woman in the military that risks their life. Politicians are more than happy to treat our military like a bunch of Storm Troops of the Empire since it is not their butt out there in the line of fire. What is a few thousand American lives lost in the name of Iraqi freedom to a politician, compared to a few million dollars in campaign donations from defense contractors?

That being said, please visit the new FB page and give it a thumbs up. I will continue to figure out how to best leverage the FB community and improve the VA page visibility. Now in the spirit of the advertisement I follow my liberty minded predecessors into the world of Facebook, solely for the advancement of freedom, liberty, and happiness.

As an individual, I remain a true rebel and Facebook free.

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