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Trump: The First Week Under the 45th

The Holiday season is over and everyone with a job is back at work including me. The kids are in school again and life is returning to normal. The Dow topped 20k, the unemployment rate is still below 5%, Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States, and so far our country has not imploded.

I haven’t heard any news of the new President repealing women’s rights, so all of the sign people can go home again and find something more productive to do. There are still a few loose ends for President Trump to tie up in the Executive Branch but all things considered the transition seems to be going relatively smooth.

President Trump is still pushing the Mexico funded wall despite President Pena Nieto refusal to pay for it. So far I have heard no talk of major changes to our global military posture, although; I suspect President Trump will either pull the troops back from Norway and Poland or change the reason for them being there.

According to the Washington Post, the first Unmanned Aerial Vehicle strikes of the new administration were carried out in Yemen last weekend. Of course these strikes were certainly already well into the collection and planning phase before Trump was sworn in and simply needed approval and execution. Yemen strikes are definitely news worthy, however; ordnance release is just about a daily occurrence in the war on the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

There will most certainly be some big challenges for the Trump administration over the next four years with our economy barely hanging on by a thread, protracted war in the Middle East, increasing tension with Iran and China, and civil unrest in our own country. So far though no big surprises, major issues, or ugly problems were dropped on the desk in the Oval Office, and so ends the first week under the 45th. Not exactly the freak-show some people were expecting, just business as usual for the United States of America.

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