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The War Train is Loaded and Ready to Roll. Can We Stop it?

There are times in history when certain events occur in just the right order to precipitate a large global war event. When these wars are in full effect, we wonder, how did it come to this? How did we get to the point where millions of people die because of minor differences between people of different groups?

It is well documented how societies went from nothing to the full blown massacre of human life in past wars such as World War One and the Second World War. The world leaders of the time on all sides knew what was happening but still made the decisions that resulted in genocide and destruction.

People can see the war train coming. They watch the lights get brighter, they hear the whistle blowing louder and louder. Then they just stand there on the track and wonder why they are being hit by a train. If all the events that lead up to war, death, and destruction are obvious to the people of the time, then why do they not avoid it at all costs?

The general understanding of the time is usually that war was needed to save the world from a great evil, oppressive regime, or a dictator looking to dominate the world. I am not disputing that these evil people and regimes existed, Hitler was certainly a very sick individual who deserved to die hiding in a bunker, however; one sick mind can not be held responsible for a world war. In order to wage war at that level one sick mind must convince millions of other minds that they are speaking truth and are justified in their ambitions.

I have thought long and hard about how we end up in wars and the answer I keep coming up with is, people are stupid. Well here we are again all the events are locking in place like train cars being added to a locomotive engine. The government war hawks and main stream media puppets are stoking the furnace and building up a head of steam. The military industrial complex oligarchs are licking their lips at the prospect of a hyper-charged war time income stream.

Are we going to be stupid again? Are we going to allow our inept governments to release the breaks on the war train? Will we sit back dumb struck as our teenagers are drafted and sent off to die in yet another world war that any government with half a brain could have seen coming for years and worked day and night to avoid?

The situation in Syria is the tracks that this war train rolls on. Ironically none of the key players’ populations are even being threatened by an oppressive regime or evil dictator. The United States, Great Britain, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and some other NATO member countries are on one side. Russia, Iran, and North Korea are on the other side with China probably staying neutral for now but prepared to help North Korea in some way if forced to pick sides.

Here are the events that are leading up to our next World War and surprisingly the evil Islamic State, which gets all the main stream news attention, has very little to do with it:

Russia and Iran are backing Syrian president Bashar al Assad. The United States government has been trying to oust Assad by supporting rebel factions inside Syria since at least 2013. The 59 Tomahawk cruise missile strike on a Syrian airbase changed this narrative. The U.S is no longer a cheerleader and booster on the sidelines of the Syrian civil war. They are most definitely now directly involved in war with the Assad regime.

After the Tomahawk strike, Russia and Iran basically told the United States that if the U.S military attacks a Syrian military base again they will face retaliation. What does the United States do now? If there is another gas attack in Syria we will not be able to do anything without going to war with Russia and Iran. Russia has moved one of their advanced war frigates into the Mediterranean Sea in response to the U.S bombing. Meanwhile the U.S is sending even more troops into Syria to support the battle against ISIS in the area with ousting Assad as an illogical but possible next move.

Meanwhile on the Far East side of Asia, North Korea’s leader Kim Jung Un is posturing and flexing his Nuclear muscle. Un’s chest beating is directed at the United States and Japan and is most likely a response to the United States’ recent empire like actions in Iraq, Libya, Yemen, and Syria. The United States is moving a carrier group off the Korean Peninsula in response to Un’s recent missile tests in the Sea of Japan.

The Russian government has been an ally to North Korea since the late 1940s when the USSR supported the North Korean conversion to Communism. Iran has also been in good standing with North Korea since the 1979 Iranian revolution where N. Korea has supported Iran’s nuclear ambitions. China supported North Korea in the past and has strong ties with Russia also dating back the communist USSR period.

Due to China’s current high status in the global trading community they are unlikely to join Russia, Iran, and N. Korea in any offensive strategies. China did recently position 150,000 troops close to the North Korean border stating they were there for humanitarian relief if needed. If N. Korea is directly invaded by South Korea, the U.S., and/or Japan the Chinese military could take the side of Kim Jung Un, however; I feel that China is not as interested in the fate of the Kim dynasty as they once were.

China staying out of the next World War will be critical to any success for the western countries. The combined military power of Russia, Iran, North Korea, and China would certainly be a handful for the west, however; China is the sole supplier of over 90% of the worlds rare earth elements (REE). These metals are used in almost every high tech electronic device produced, including complex weapons systems like fighter jets, guided missiles, and smart bombs. Without China right now we have no modern military industrial complex. The time and money it would take to source REE from new suppliers could be measured in decades and trillions of dollars.

Where does Saudi Arabia fit in? Well in the oil game of course. The Saudi family is a key supplier of oil to and an unlikely ally of the United States. The description the U.S government uses for bad actors when it comes to freedom and equality fits the Saudi regime like a glove. Why is it that the U.S fights every other leader who oppresses people but not the Saudi leaders?
Big oil is the only answer.

Both the U.S and Saudi Arabia are driven by energy and the money it generates. This alliance between the two nations is strong and the U.S lets the Saudi Government do what ever they want to the Saudi people as long as the money and oil keeps flowing. Even without the influence of the oil trade the Saudi military would still likely remain on the side of the U.S.

The Sunni-Arab Saudi regime broke all ties with the Shiite Iranian regime in 2014. Saudi concern over a potential Shiite Crescent influence in the Middle East will likely cause the Saudi Government to side with the U.S in any war with Iran on the opposing side. These differences have also fueled the wars in Yemen and Syria with Saudi Arabia supporting the Sunni factions in both countries along with the U.S, while Iran supports the Shiite rebels in Yemen and Alawite, a Shia-offshoot, government in Syria.

Confusing I know, so to wrap this up in simple statement:
Russia, N. Korea, Iran, and possibly China versus The United States, Great Britain, Korea, Saudi Arabia and any other allies dumb enough to jump in. There you have it, some of the events leading up to and the key players that will be in the next world war. That is if we, the people of these nations, sit back and let our governments send our children to be slaughtered once again.

As citizens of the United States of America, we can stop this train! We can simply refuse to participate in any world war especially if it is not directly threatening our property and families. Our politicians have to obey us or we can simply kick them out of their positions. We own our government, they work for us. We do not work for them and they can not tell us what to do with our lives unless we stupidly give them the authority to do so. If we allow them to have that authority then we would not be living in a Constitutional Republic we would be living under the oppressive rule of an empire and it will be our own fault.

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