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Congress is Filled with Lazy, Corrupt, Social-climbing, Zombies and We Need to Fix It!

I just listened to the Jason Stapleton Program (JSP), Episode 588 and something came up that I thought deserved attention. In this podcast Jason interviews Republican Congressman Thomas Massie who represents Kentucky’s 4th district. Rep. Massie fights for less taxation by working to reduce fraud, waist, and abuse in government and has been described as a “libertarian Republican”. Rep. Massie totally exposes the problems with congress and puts his fellow congressmen on blast in this JSP interview.

During this interview Rep. Massie talks about his experience in congress and he is very candid about how things really work when it comes to passing bills. What really floored me, and what I want to discuss here, was when Rep. Massie talks about congress working on passing the budget. Massie said that they [congress] were in session working on “how to fund the government” and then “put it off” to go on a two week long Easter vacation “knowing [they] had four days when [they] got back” to finish the process. He then goes on to say that he received no copy of the budget bill, not even an outline of the bill, that they are supposed to pass that Friday.

Rep. Massie then says that this is the normal state of affairs in congress and that the congressional leadership will strong arm the rest of congress to sign the bill. He also said they are wasting their time the night before “naming post offices”, literally that is what they were going to do. He says that “Republican members don’t like an open and transparent process” and said he finds it “really drepressing”.

Rep. Massie also said congress would rather be kept in the dark and then forced to sign the bill to prevent a government shutdown. This way they can go back home and tell their constituents that there was nothing they could do to fix the budget. They will tell them that they either had to “vote for all the crap or shut the government down and [they] did the reasonable thing”. Rep. Massie is obviously disgusted with the state of affaires in our congress, as well he should be.

My take away from this is that congress is mostly a bunch of lazy, weak spine, do-nothings that would rather go-along to get-along while dreaming of re-election. This infuriates me! These loafers are elected by voters and kept in office by those very same voters every two years. What are we doing people? The problem is that Washington is too far away from home. No one in the general voting public watches C-Span to see congress in session. No one in the general public even cares what goes on at “The Hill”. This attitude is not working!

There are only a handful of good congressman like Thomas Massie and Rand Paul up there fighting for us. The majority of the congressional seats are filled with oxygen sucking waists of tax money. They are useless, and we pay them $174,000 a year! Per the original intent of the Constitution, being a congressional representative is not supposed to be a full time job. Congress is supposed to be in session a few times a year to pass a very limited number of bills. Most of these bills were intended to be recurring like the federal budget. These days our representatives are just another part of the bureaucratic government that is sucking up our tax money and ruining our country through regulation and law.

Congress is ruining our country and we are letting them. Instead of paying attention to what is going on, we just keep voting the same type people into congress. We elect people that want to be professional congressmen. We elect shady social climbers that get off on having a powerful title like “Congressman” but don’t actually want to do the work.

We need to identify humble, honest, hard working people among us that will truly represent the people and then nominate them without them asking for it. We need to go back to the way it was in the beginning where good people were chosen by the people and elected to congress. Then we should only expected them to go do the job a few times a year for a few weeks at a time. Any time a person comes around telling other people they want to be a congressman, they should be flogged and sent on their way.

If you only listen to one episode from the Jason Stapleton Program you need to listen to Episode 588 linked above. If listening to Thomas Massie describe what happens in congress doesn’t get you off your butt and voting in midterm elections then your citizenship card should be revoked. Have to elect more representatives like Thomas Massie and the other Liberty Caucus members. We need people like them up in Washington fighting back the money sucking beast that is the federal government.

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